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In 2014, the Federation for Hunting and Conservation – Malta (FKNK) presented the Petition, with the by far largest number of Maltese citizens’ signatures ever collected in a petition and filed in the Maltese Parliament, entitled: SAFEGUARDING INTERESTS, RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES OF GROUPS AND INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE IN MINORITY IN THE MALTESE SOCIETY. The 104,293 manual signatures were collected in less than 4 months in late 2013 early 2014.

The FKNK has now revived this Petition which it filed online on 11 March 2023 with the Maltese Parliament Petitions’ Committee.

The FKNK believes that democracy means that while it is the majority that governs, this leadership must be carried out with respect towards the minority, with this that in article 13 of the Referendum Act a proviso is added which should safeguard the interests and/or the rights and/or the privileges of groups and individuals who are in the minority. Therefore, all the signatories of this Petition are calling on the Maltese Members of Parliament, who have also been elected by the same petitioners, to amend the Referendum Act by adding the said proviso so that thus, no law (as defined in article 13 (3) of the Referendum Act), that affects interests or rights or privileges of a minority in Maltese society can be abrogated by referendum according to the Referendum Act.

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