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The FKNK in brief.

The National Association of Hunters and Trappers was formed on 17th September 1973, with the clear aim to preserve the Maltese traditional socio-cultural passions of migratory huntable wild birds hunting and live-capturing with selective nets for the purpose of keep the caught birds alive in captivity.

This is still the primary goal today. In May 1982 the association changed its name to the Hunters' Association and in July 1984 the association changed its name by adding the word 'Conservation' since it increased its activities related to conservation projects. On the 22nd June 1998 the association's statute was reconstructed so as to form 'The Federation for Hunting & Conservation - Malta' ('Federazzjoni Kaċċaturi Nassaba Konservazzjonisti - FKNK') which incorporates an average of 23 associations from as many districts and specific committees.

The specific committees in corporate the 'Commission for Public Relations and Education' (KRPE); 'The Maltese Hunting Dog Club'; Klabb Ġojjin (children club); and the organizing sub-committees which are responsible for the management, since 1984, of the FKNK hunting reserves at Miżieb and L-Aħrax.

The Federation first received recognition from foreign hunting circles in June 1982.


On the 11th September 1987, the Federation joined FACE (the Federation of Associations for Hunting & Conservation in the EU), and as such is represented at FACE Board Level (in fact, at present, 2018, the FKNK two delegates are the longest serving members on the Board and during FACE general assembly of September 2018, one of these delegates, the FKNK CEO, was nominated in the position of FACE Vice-President for the Mediterranean region). FACE represents the interests of over 7,000,000 hunters through Europe, and incorporates members associations from 34 countries and 7 hunting related associate members.


The FKNK is FACE's Ambassador to Malta regarding Natura 2000 sites on the Maltese islands.


On the 26th of May 1989, the Federation was also accepted as a member of CIC (the International Council for Game & wildlife Conservation) and on the 6th of July 1995, the Maltese FEDERATION was one of the founding members of AECT (the Association of Traditional Hunting in Europe). In the year 2000 the FKNK was also one of the founding members of the communication working group within FACE, then named INTERFACE. In 2008 the FKNK formed part of FACE members within the Mediterranean basin to set up FACE MED and also became a member of ELO (European Landowner's Organization).

In 2010 the FKNK enrolled as an NGO with the Malta Commissioner of Voluntary Organizations and also joined OMPO (Migratory Birds of the Western Palearctic). In 2016 the FKNK became the Malta representative of FITASC (Federation Internationale De Tir Aux Armes Sportives De Chasse). In 2017 the FKNK was accepted as an affiliate member of SCI (Safari Club International) and as a member of the Malta Shooting Sports Federation (MSSF).

FKNK representatives sit on the Malta ORNIS Committee and the Weapons Board.

The FKNK is by far the largest NGO in the Maltese Islands with around 10,0000 adult members.

Affiliate members of the FKNK: the Malta Falconers Club, the Malta Taxidermy Federation, Executive Guns & Ammo Club, MATSAC Shooting Club, On Target Shooting Club and the Shooting and Firearms Enthusiasts (SAFE) club and Wild Game Target Club.

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