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Barn Owl reintroduction Project

The Federation for Hunting and Conservation – Malta (FKNK) Barn Owl Re-Introduction Project is now well underway, also thanks to the support awarded to the FKNK earlier this year by the Ministry for the Environment through the Conservation of Wild Birds Funding Scheme.



In fact, the respective aviaries are at present nearing completion.  These are being constructed on the grounds which adjoin the converted farm known as ‘Razzett tal-Bagħal’, that is located within the Buskett gardens.



The FKNK barn owl re-introduction project is aimed at re-establishing a sustainable breeding population of barn owls in suitable habitats in Malta and Gozo, through the release of captive bred specimens into the wild.



The ‘Razzett tal-Bagħal’, managed by the FKNK since 2015 as a result of an agreement with the same Ministry, consists of a converted historic heritage farm that used to belong to the Order of the Knights of St. John in the 17th century.  Tourists and school children regularly visit the Farm, which is also occasionally used by other societies, such as bird-watchers, astronomers and photographers.  At the Farm one finds an Interpretation Centre, a Hunting showcase-museum, an Information Reception and Meeting Rooms.

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