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Conservation Projects

One of the most important highlights for the FKNK, is to promote conservation.


Turtle Dove Captive Breeding Project

The main objective of the Project has organised a pool of locals who captive-breed turtle doves on a relatively large scale, who then sell the birds’ stock offspring to the FKNK for eventual release into the wild.


The species is known to reproduce at a steady rate in captivity and large numbers in offspring can thus be obtained. This Project will also serve as a means to perform ex-situ conservation of these birds by releasing captive bred specimen into the wild.

Barn Owl Reintroduction Project

The FKNK barn owl re-introduction project is aimed at re-establishing a sustainable breeding population of barn owls in suitable habitats in Malta and Gozo, through the release of captive bred specimens into the wild.

Miżieb and Aħrax Sites Management


Indigenous Trees Nursery

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