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The next EU Parliament will be decisive for the future of hunting and trapping

The previous election campaign focused on climate change and the biodiversity crisis, which have been among the dominating topics throughout the parliamentary term. Recent years have shown us, however, that it is difficult to know what the future holds. The sudden COVID pandemic, the ensuing financial crisis, and the war in Ukraine are significant political events that have shaped and reshaped much of the current Parliament’s agenda.

What can already be predicted about the next Parliament’s agenda is that hunting and trapping will be heavily discussed. 

  • The Commission is expected to proceed with a proposal to ban lead in all ammunition, which will be subject to a vote in the next Parliament. 

  • The new animal welfare package for dogs will be dealt with in the coming parliamentary term.

  • The Parliament will advise on the EU’s negotiating position on the export and import of hunting trophies ahead of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora in 2025. 

  • The next Common Agricultural Policy post-2027 and EU funding for biodiversity measures will be a big topic for the newly elected MEPs.

  • New listing proposals for invasive alien species will pass through the next Parliament.

  • The Parliament will also examine, question and approve the new European Commission, including the next Environment Commissioner.

  • In addition, there is the unexpected – as always.

The Federation for Hunting and Conservation – Malta (FKNK) can say with certainty that the coming EU elections are decisive for the future of hunting and trapping, and so emphasises that all Maltese and Gozitan Hunters and Trappers should cast their vote on 8 June 2024.

So far the following European Parliament Candidates have said that if elected they will work towards the safeguard of the traditional socio-cultural passions of Maltese hunters and trappers: Alex Agius Saliba who had even occupied the role of Vice-president in the European Parliament “Hunting” Intergroup; Daniel Attard; Clint Azzopardi Flores; Thomas Bajada; Steve Ellul and Maria Sara Vella Gafa all from the local Labour Party (PL) at present in Government; Peter Agius; from the local Nationalist Party (PN) at present in Opposition; and Edwin Vassallo; an independent candidate; while Arnold Cassola, another independent candidate and ex-Green Party Leader, has stated that he wants to be elected to work towards the abolishment of Malta’s spring hunting.

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