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The FKNK participates in a European scientific research on the Woodcock

The Federation for Hunting and Conservation - Malta (FKNK), for the first time, has contributed to a European research project about the Woodcock under the auspices of the Federation of Associations for the European Woodcock in the Western Palearctic (FANBPO). A number of hunter members of the FKNK participated in this project by handing over samples of the woodcock’ wings they harvested in the year 2022, which samples were eventually sent to Italy for the necessary scientific analyses.

The FKNK was affiliated with the FANBPO in the year 2021. Accordingly, and following other European hunters' associations proceedings, the FKNK set-up the Woodcock Research Society - Malta. This society will follow the analysis of the results obtained from this research, known as citizen science since data is collected, not only by scientists, but mostly from hunters and trappers during their relative practice.

The analysis of the wings leads to more knowledge about the behavior and movement of this species in Europe and in the Western Palearctic. In this way it is assured and scientifically proven that the hunt for this exclusive and favorite species of many hunters all over Europe is done in a sustainable way.

The FKNK will be presenting tokens of thanks to the members who participated in this research, and the Woodcock Research Community - Malta will communicate the results of this project as soon as they are available.

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