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The FKNK calls for Proportionate and Fair Penalties and Fines

In light of several articles published in the local media over the past few days, the Federation for Hunting and Conservation - Malta (FKNK) cannot fail to comment on the lack of proportionality in the sentences given by the local Courts regarding the respective gravity of each case.

This is being said in relation to fines and punishments handed-down to hunters and trappers in various Court sentences. While the FKNK condemns any illegal act that takes place against the natural environment and its conservation, and can never defend any illegal act, one cannot help but notice the disparity as mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Each case must be evaluated on its social impact and seriousness. Therefore, the FKNK together with its legal team, calls on the legislator to make fair and adequate amendments that contemplate punishments and fines that are socially proportionate, just and appropriate according to the crime and the severity of the case.

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