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Planting of indigenous trees at the Miżieb and l-Aħrax Reserves

One of the main objectives that the Federation for Hunting and Conservation - Malta has for the Mizieb and Aħrax Reserves, is that the biodiversity in these areas will continue to increase and multiply so that it can be appreciated and enjoyed by everyone.

Following the great devastation of trees at Miżieb and l-Aħrax, destroyed by fire in July 2019, the FKNK drew up a restoration plan for parts of both Miżieb and l-Aħrax. The aim of the plan was not just to restore the burnt areas, but also to use indigenous trees which are propagated from local seeds. This would ensure that no invasive species and diseases would be introduced into the Maltese habitats, and the local gene pool of the indigenous trees would not be polluted. Furthermore, aleppo pine trees (żnuber) which are prone to burn easily, were not among the trees chosen for planting. Whereas, Sandarac gum trees (għargħar), Mediteranean buckthorn (alaternu) and Spanish broom (ġenista safra) are some of the trees that will be planted. This will enrich local biodiversity and offer additional natural habitat for indigenous flora and fauna.

This plan was discussed with the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) and has all the necessary permits for the indigenous species to be planted and also for the removal of burnt dead trees and invasive species, like acacja. The plan also sees to the retaining of small open areas so that garigue species of flora and fauna, can be re-established.

In order for this plan to materialize, the FKNK applied for Green Infrastructure Development assistance under the LEADER program, run by the Northwest Local Action Group Foundation.

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