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Maltese MEPs 2019 – 2024 andThe European Parliament’s “Hunting Intergroup”

Have the Maltese MEPs delivered for hunting and trapping?

During the current political term, 2019–2024, the Parliament agreed on a new ban on using lead shot within 100 metres around wetlands, a revision of the EU firearms regulation, a new nature restoration law, changes to Europe’s farm policy, and a wide range of other environmental initiatives linked to the European Green Deal. 

The European Parliament also initiated a range of resolutions, some of which caused problems for hunting and trapping.  One example was its resolution on the trade in endangered species in advance of an international CITES meeting.  Despite the clear scientific position on the benefits of international hunting, this non-binding resolution called for a general restriction on moving hunting trophies. 

The European Parliament’s “Hunting Intergroup”

Since 1985, Members of the European Parliament with an interest in hunting-related topics have grouped in the so-called “Hunting Intergroup”, officially referred to as the “Biodiversity, Hunting, Countryside” Intergroup.  Signing up as a member of the Hunting Intergroup sends a clear signal that the MEP wants to be active in open discussions with colleagues, the Commission, experts and rural stakeholders, such as the hunters and trappers, on the crucial role and socio-economic and culture of hunting, trapping and other countryside activities.  During this political term, some 140 MEPs have joined the Hunting Intergroup.

The Maltese MEPs who formed part of the Hunting Intergroup were:

Alex Agius Saliba, who also held the position of one of the Vice-presidents of the Intergroup, Josianne Cutajar, Alfred Sant, and Cyrus Engerer.

Roberta Metsola and David Casa did not even attend for the respective FACE meeting. 

Rallying support among the newly elected MEPs to re-establish the Hunting Intergroup following this summer’s elections will be important, and in this sense and as usual, the Federation for Hunting and Conservation – Malta (FKNK) will be lobbying the newly elected Maltese MEPs.

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