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Maltese and Gozitan Hunters and TrappersYou Signed for Hunting & Trapping, Now Vote for Hunting & Trapping!

One year ago, you signed the largest European hunters’ campaign ever. Thank you for making it a major success!


We urged European decision-makers to support our requests to have a better future for hunting, trapping and conservation. Your signature made a big difference, but the work carries on!


The European elections will set the course for the next five years; your vote will be key to ensuring that the 720 newly elected Members of the European Parliament will work for hunting, trapping and conservation in Europe. 


Decisions made in Brussels affect everyone!


These can shape the rules regarding what, where, when, and how you hunt and trap. They also affect land use and biodiversity, invasive alien species, huntable species’ management, firearms and ammunition regulations, and much more.


We need your support to create a future where hunting, trapping and conservation go hand in hand. 


Get out and vote in the European Elections on 8 of June.

The Council - Federation for Hunting and Conservation – Malta (FKNK)

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