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Malta Ornis Committee recommends end of Bird Ringing Monopoly

The Federation for Hunting and Conservation – Malta (FKNK) expresses its satisfaction following the agreement of the Ornis Committee to recommend an amendment to the law that will bring 'bird ringing' monopoly in Malta to an end.

During yesterday’s meeting, the Committee voted in favour of the FKNK’s proposal with six members in favour and one against, thus recommending to the Minister responsible for hunting and trapping to put an end to the bird ringing monopoly. Previously, this scientific activity was exclusively limited to the EURING scheme, which is represented in Malta by Birdlife Malta.

This decision comes after the FKNK submitted a proposal for this amendment in 2019. The FKNK, in collaboration with FACE, conducted a study across Europe, revealing that no other Member State had such a discriminatory situation in place.

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