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Is BirdLife Malta Now Threatening Two Other Groups With A Minority Standing?

When in 2015 BirdLife Malta and other entities of the same extreme view tried to abolish spring hunting through the Abrogative Referendum, the Federation for Hunting and Conservation - Malta (FKNK) had warned other minority groups and individuals within the Maltese society, that after the hunters these extremists would probably attack them.

The warning of the FKNK was not unfounded. In fact, and even though the FKNK won the Referendum, in recent weeks BirdLife Malta seems to be threatening two other groups with a minority standing within the Maltese society. In a post on FACEBOOK of a few days ago, the CEO of BirdLife Malta, Mark Sultana, seems to be exploring what support he may gather so that perhaps the next attack would be against the fireworks enthusiasts, while the BirdLife Marine Data and Policy Officer, Polina Venka, expressed concerns regarding the construction of the motorsport racetrack in Ħal Far.

It was precisely for this reason that before the Referendum the FKNK had presented the Petition in the Maltese Parliament, with the largest number of signatures (104,293) of Maltese citizens ever collected in a petition. This in order to amend the Referendum Act so that no one can again abuse the use of an abrogative referendum on any law (as defined in article 13 (3) of the Referendum Act), which affects interests or rights or privileges of a minority group in Maltese society.

In March of this year, the FKNK revived this Petition as it had not been heard in the previous legislations. Therefore the Petition was brought to the Petitions Committee of the Maltese Parliament, where it will be heard in the coming months.

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