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During an introductory meeting that the Council of the Federation for Hunting and Conservation - Malta (FKNK) had with the Camping Club Malta (CCM) several themes related to camping were discussed, in particular with regards campervans and caravans’ camping, and the relationship necessary between this activity and other recreations that take place in the natural environment of the Maltese islands countryside.

While the FKNK explained the work it is doing to create a larger space with adequate facilities for campers in its Reserve and about the possibility of a cooperation agreement regarding this that can eventually be reached between the FKNK and the CCM, the CCM also understood and agreed with the need for similar arrangements with other entities.

Another necessity that the parties agreed upon, was the important requirement to launch an educational Campaign on a national scale to raise awareness about the conservation of the natural environment, so that, above all, the little countryside that is still left does not continue to be destroyed, and to also create an appropriate and adequate balance among all the entities that make use of the rural areas for their recreation.

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