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FKNK Members Benefit From Over 9000 Free Distribution of Shrubs and Trees Plants

Thanks to the arrangement made between “Ambjent Malta” and the Federation for Hunting and Conservation - Malta (FKNK) several members of the FKNK have been given, free of charge, more than 9,000 trees and shrubs saplings from 21 different species to plant in their fields, which plants were supplied by “Ambjent Malta”.

Since the launch of the FKNK Nursery Project, in 2019, hundreds of plants of native trees and shrubs saplings have been distributed free of charge by the FKNK to members. Moreover, native trees and shrubs saplingshave also been distributed to the general public who have visited the Nursery in a farm of the Knights of Malta from the sixteenth century, called "Razzett tal-Baħal" in Buskett Gardens, which farm is administered by the same FKNK. The MEP Alex Agius Saliba also sponsored hundreds of other native plants which were once again distributed free of charge to those who visited "Razzett tal-Baħal" during the recent open day activity that was organized by the FKNK in collaboration with the "Malta Beekeepers Association" (MBKA).

In addition, FKNK is embarking on a project that will ensure the expansion of its Nursery on a much larger scale, which will guarantee FKNK free distribution of native plants to the general public and members for years to come.

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