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Joint Press Release Celebrating World Bee Day

On World Bee Day, the Federation for Hunting and Conservation - Malta (FKNK), in collaboration with the Malta Beekeepers Association (MBKA), commemorates for the second consecutive year their joint efforts in supporting pollination in a unique manner specific to maltese bees. Pollinators are integral to our ecosystems, therefore on this day, we celebrate the crucial role these pollinators play in the survival of all creatures, agriculture, and ecosystems. Once again, beekeeping members will have the opportunity to migrate bee colonies from their apiaries to the Miżieb and Aħrax reserves. This agreement addresses the issue of inaccessibility faced by various beekeepers who lack access to wild thyme, which grows within garigue habitats. This demanding process, both for the beekeepers and the laborious work of the bees, serves two goals: collecting thyme nectar and, most importantly, improving and ensuring the pollination of the flora found in the protected habitats of our country. While the MBKA expresses gratitude to the FKNK for their continuous support, the FKNK continues to look ahead and emphasizes the utmost importance of conserving the natural environment and biodiversity in these ecosystems.

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