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Hunters and Trappers are the Best Guardians of the Natural Environment

Hunters and trappers are always at the forefront to ensure no further loss of rural habitats which are beneficial for biodiversity and the natural environment.  In this sense the social aspect is taken into account where one should be allowed to peacefully enjoy, care for, appreciate and even practise what they belong and are close to in the limited rural land remaining in the Maltese islands.

The Federation for Hunting and Conservation - Malta (FKNK) is saying this in the light of various discussions it has held over the last few weeks with several members who are seriously concerned about recent challenges, in the name of “progress”, which are putting pressure on rural areas which can lead to restrictions on any recreation in these areas.  This pressure is the result of a review in rural areas, which may lead to the construction of residential or industrial buildings, even close to such areas with the consequence that hunting is no longer allowed in that area due to the restriction of distance from the buildings.

Since such development could lead to further loss of rural habitat and the benefit to conservation of the natural environment within it, the FKNK, as an interested party and on behalf of hundreds of its members who could become victims of such development in the habitat, is appealing for cautious decisions to be taken regarding revisions in rural areas.

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