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FKNK’s Contribution towards Article 12 Reporting and Malta Breeding Birds’ Atlas

Every 6 years each EU Member State is obliged to submit a Report, referred to as the “Birds” Directive Article 12 Reporting, about the status and trend of its wild birds, migrating, wintering and breeding, to the EU Commission. The next Report is due in 2025, and in the same year the Maltese Government also plans to publish a Malta Breeding Birds’ Atlas. For the collection of the relative data the Maltese Government has commissioned ECOSERV Ltd., and the Federation for Hunting and Conservation – Malta (FKNK) will be contributing towards the gathering of breeding birds’ data.

The FKNK is therefore requesting the collaboration of its members to report any bird-breeding activity, except for the house sparrow and seagulls, they may come across in course of the next three years. The report has to include the member’s identity; the date/s; the species; the location in accordance with the Map divisions on the hunting and trapping booklets; and any other relevant information, number of eggs, hatchlings, fledglings, etc.; and photographic and/or video respective evidence.

The reports are to be sent to the FKNK by either e-mail on or by conventional mail to FKNK PO Box 26, Sliema, SLM 1055. The FKNK guarantees the data protection of the member’s identity. Once a report is confirmed and accepted, the supplier will accordingly and adequately be paid a remuneration.

FKNK Members should also be informed that any ECOSERV Ltd. and/or Government officials who may be encountered during the operation of their duties in connection with this data collecting exercise, will carry an official identification document.

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