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FACE Campaign for Hunting and Conservation in Europe Set to be The Largest Environmental Campaign in

In May 2022 FACE (The European Federation for Hunting and Conservation) together with its members - 37 national hunting associations across Europe, which includes the Federation for Hunting and Conservation – Malta (FKNK), a 35-year old FACE Member - launched The European Hunters’ Campaign. At present this Campaign is set to be the Largest Environment Campaign ever to be presented in the European Parliament in Brussels.

The campaign provides a platform through a 9-point Petition which will call on Europe’s main policymaking institutions, in particular the EU Commission, to “work with hunters and trappers and not against” and is in response to the increasing number of problems for Europe’s over 7,000,000 hunters and trappers coming from Brussels, from where emerge 80% of the rules and regulations. This is an outward-facing campaign which allows not only hunters and trappers, but also all minority groups’ Maltese and European citizens to speak up and be heard by signing the Petition to stand up to any further EU bullying in its policymaking on the varied European cultural heritage, traditions and customs which should be respected and is vital for the future of a diverse Europe for enriching the way-of-life of individual European citizens.

FACE Members, including the FKNK have also fiscally invested in this campaign which is mainly financed by FACE’s European Hunting Foundation, and in June 2022, the FKNK addressed a Press Conference in this regard and together with Europe’s national hunting associations within FACE are playing a key role in driving this campaign forward at national, regional, and local levels through a hybrid approach to gather signatures at grass-roots level from all European citizens. The FKNK is proud to announce that its physical-signatures collection on the appropriate forms, which are available in over 70 FKNK outlets around the islands, has already ensured a very successful percentage wise number of collected signatures, and hence further encourages all Maltese citizens to sign, especially those from any minority group within Maltese society.

Finally, and therefore, it is shameful and utterly senseless, that in its hopeless strive to gather some undeserved popularity, a local marginal hunters’ group used this campaign to attack and insult the tight harmony and solidarity that so solidly unites the 37 hunters and trappers organizations within FACE.

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