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2022 – Another Year of FKNK Intensive Conservation Work for the Natural Environment

As they do every year, in 2022, hundreds of Members of the Federation for Hunting and Conservation - Malta (FKNK), organized under the auspices of the FKNK Miżieb and Aħrax Sub-Committees, were respectively engaged on a voluntary basis, in lengthy hours of work towards the conservation of the natural environment and habitat in the Miżieb and Aħrax FKNK Reserves.

More than 150 cleaning sessions were carried out where primarily more than 55 tons of waste, including bulky objects, which had been dumped illegally in these sites by some third parties, were collected and removed. This is apart from the cleaning of substantial domestic waste that is collected every week after the recreation that would have been freely enjoyed by the public in general in the Reserves.

In order to continually ensure biodiversity in these sites, more than 400 invasive alien species were removed, to make space where more than 450 native trees and shrubs were planted. During the dry and hot summer months, the volunteers ensured the watering, not just of the new sowings and seedlings, but also of the mature trees and bushes, with the supply of a large amount of water that they delivered on the spot. Work was also carried out in accordance to craft in restoring and building over 500 meters of rubble walls.

All the work that is undertaken in the natural environment of the Reserves is under the continuous supervision of ERA (Environment Resources Authority) and Ambjent (Environment) Malta, and the majority of the costs related to the work done by the members, such as administration, purchase of any materials that may be needed, permits and work by professionals and craftsmen, and other costs, which amount to thousands of euros per year, are paid by the Sub-Committees and the FKNK.

Apart from the general public picnickers, during the year, various associations and other constituted bodies organize many events, among which marathon and bicycle races, educational visits from both private and state schools, air-soft events, production of cinematographic and television films and features, hikes and informative walks regarding the natural environment of the place, and others. Joggers and people walking their dogs on a daily basis, as well as the army training manoeuvres that are often undertaken, also take place within the Reserves.

It is fundamental to note that the same type of voluntary work and the related costs for conservation of the natural environment in the greater part of the rural land in the rest of Malta and Gozo, is similarly undertaken by the other thousands of hunter and trapper members of the FKNK.

Therefore, the FKNK must publicly thank the governmental entities concerned, the Local Councils of St. Paul’s Bay and Mellieħa, the Police Force and the Fire Brigade, the various associations and others who often organize their related events, the Sub-Committees of Miżieb and Aħrax, the thousands of voluntary members of the FKNK and the public in general, and further encourages continuous cooperation amongst all concerned so that the Maltese people, as well as the genuine tourists who visit the Maltese islands, can continue to enjoy in a wise and sustainable way these Reserves for their recreation and rest.

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