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The FKNK resumes its informative visits in schools

After a two-year absence due to the pandemic, the Federation for Hunting and Conservation - Malta (FKNK) resumed its series of informative visits to schools in the Maltese islands. During the Animal Week organized by the Middle and Secondary School of St. Thomas in Żejtun, the Malta Hunting Dog Club and the Malta Falconers Club, two affiliate members within the FKNK, were invited by this school to address an information session to hundreds of students who attend this school.

In the presence of the Maltese Hunting Dog, Ċikka, the primary use of this breed and the current projects for the breed to be recognized on an international scale were explained in detail. The obligation and responsibility that every Maltese has to safeguard all that is Maltese and unique to the Maltese islands were also explained to the students. In the presence of several birds of prey of the Malta Falconers Club, the Club members explained in detail the evolution and characteristics of birds of prey and the definition of the practice of falconry where man used the natural hunting instinct of these species as their means of sustenance for thousands of years.

Along with the birds of prey there was also Tuta, the barn owl, an offspring from the conservation plan for the re-introduction of the barn owl into the wild, another FKNK project. Detailed information was given about the project itself and the importance of these birds for biodiversity.

The FKNK takes this opportunity to thank the Head of the Middle and Secondary School of St. Thomas of Żejtun, the teachers and the students. A big thank you to members of the Malta Falconers Club and to Salvu Galea, owner of Ċikka, for the availability of his dog for these FKNK visits to the schools.

Anyone interested in hosting similar informative and educational sessions should contact the FKNK .

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