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The FKNK is left without a Decision regarding its Proposal for a Research Project through Turtle Dove Trapping this Spring 2024

The meeting of the Malta Ornis Committee that was supposed to take place today, Wednesday 10 April 2024, was postponed by the competent authority.

Accordingly, the proposal that the Federation for Hunting and Conservation – Malta (FKNK) had submitted for the Committee's discussion and decision, so that this spring the FKNK will lead and finance a Research project through the traditional trapping (live-capturing) of turtle doves, which project was open for application of all trapper members, without any discrimination, remained undecided.

Therefore, at this late stage, the FKNK, also on behalf of the few trapper members who showed interest in participating in the research, wishes to express its disappointment for this situation.  If, however, the circumstances should change in any way in an adequate time, the FKNK will immediately inform the member trappers who had applied with any development.

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