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In their ultimate effort to impress the European Court of Justice (ECJ), which is set for a public hearing in Luxembourg this Thursday 7 March 2024 in Case C-23/23 European Commission v Malta, regarding Malta’s application of derogation from the EU “Birds” Directive, which permitted a scientific research programme about the migration of finches over the Maltese islands in the autumn of 2023, BirdLife Malta, barring any scruples and shamelessly, resorted to their old tactics of overestimations, fallacies and flagrant lies.

For instance, they ‘assumed’ and ‘estimated’ that during the derogated period in question, the research participants live-captured 51,400 finches (at one point they even blatantly said that the finches’ were killed!), which birds were not released back into the wild but illegally taken home by the research participants!  These are the same BirdLife Malta that just a few years back used to ‘assume’ and ‘estimate’ that the same participants live-captured and took home over 3,000,000 finches!

The Federation for Hunting and Conservation – Malta (FKNK) is fully confident in the ECJ’s wisdom and that the Court will not fall victim to these excessively emotional and dramatic BirdLife Malta performances.

Furthermore, the FKNK openly challenges these present BirdLife Malta fabrications.

Finally, it should be seriously noted that notwithstanding Maltese Governments several donations over the years, in the form of large rural open spaces, which, to add insult to injury are then fenced-in, and the hundreds of thousands of euro paid on an annual basis, to BirdLife Malta, these ungratefully persist in harming the Maltese nation reputation abroad.

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