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Encouraged by the 'Adopt Don't Shop' Campaign, a hunter member of the Federation for Hunting and Conservation - Malta (FKNK) applied to the NGO "Voice for the Voiceless", in order to adopt a dog.

The dry and completely discriminatory answer he got was: "Sorry, we don’t give [dogs for adoption] to hunters".

The hatred and jealousy that some who claim to be 'animal lovers' have for hunters and trappers is startling. It is an undeniable fact, that there are few who genuinely ensure the welfare of animals, among which, in particular their dogs, and their birds, apart from hunters and trappers.

This biased as well as hypocritical attitude, not only goes against the principles of equality and inclusiveness, which we hear so much preached about these days, but also contradicts the very mission of the organization which supposedly is dedicated to animal welfare, apart from bringing to shame their own 'Adopt Don't Shop' Campaign.

The FKNK strongly believes that all citizens, regardless of their beliefs and orientation, including hunters and trappers, should enjoy the respect of one another.

Therefore, the FKNK calls on the authorities concerned, including those who provide financial support to such NGOs, to investigate their agenda and ensure that they genuinely work for the welfare of animals and do not discriminate against any person or other or against any sector from society.

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