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To apply for the Special Spring Hunting License

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

NOTICE: Without prejudice to Ornis Committee’s recommendation and Government’s decision regarding the spring hunting season, you will be receiving an SMS to inform you that the applications for a Special Licence for Spring Hunting are open. The SMSs will be sent in batches and will be sent from tomorrow until Saturday. The applications for a Special Licence for Spring Hunting are to be submitted by calling the Freephone number 8000 2020 from the 15th until the 22nd of March, inclusive of both days, and following the instructions given during the call. A confirmation SMS will be sent as soon as the application process is finalised. The SMS must be retained as a receipt of application until you receive the Special Licence issued in your name by means of registered mail. The automated Freephone service will be available throughout all hours during the application period for persons with a valid General Licence to hunt birds on land. Therefore, in the unlikely event that you do not manage to apply the first time you call, please try again later. It is important that calls are made from the mobile number registered in your name with the Wild Birds Regulation Unit (as shown on the General Licence card).

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