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Arson Suspected at FKNK’s Aħrax Reserve

During the public feast of Santa Maria at five in the evening, in the Aħrax Reserve of the Federation for Hunting and Conservation - Malta (FKNK), fires were reported in four areas of different woods at the same moment.

Volunteer members from the Mellieħa Sub-Committee within the FKNK intervened immediately where they subsequently continued with the fire controls together with the Civil Protection officers. On the spot there was also the presence of ERA officers as well as Police officers.

It is suspected that these fires, especially for the way they occurred at the same time in four different places, are the result of vandal acts. Therefore it is not excluded that this was a cowardly action that damaged the locality’s natural environment, and now it will take several years to regenerate this habitat.

The FKNK thanks members of the Civil Protection for their service and help, as well as the volunteer members of the Sub-Committee GħKNK Mellieħa. In the coming days the FKNK together with the concerned Authorities will be coordinating a plan for the regeneration of the burnt habitat.

The FKNK appeals to anyone who may have any information related to the case, to immediately inform the Police on 2122 4001.

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